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Over £80,000 raised for Teesside based charities since 2012  

"Best Modelling Contest 2017" in the SME news, North-East Enterprise Awards!

“Its not often that you get to do something amazing for other people, Miss Tees Valley gave me that opportunity. I have met some of the most amazing and beautiful girls along the way and have really made some true friends. Along side of raising awareness and money for some amazing charities, we go to experience modelling jobs that really helped build my confidence. I’ve had an amazing time doing this, and would gladly do it again.” - Sophie S, Miss Tees Valley 2018 Finalist


Rachael - "My time in Miss Tees Valley has been incredible and definitely lives up to the expectations! I have made some true friends for life and enjoyed every second of it! I couldn’t thank Alexandra and Pauline for everything they have done for me! Hearts of gold!” - Rachael L, Miss Tees Valley 2018 Finalist


"I've had the journey of a lifetime, I still can't believe how lucky I've been to have this opportunity. Helping to raise money for Zoe's Place, doing things I wouldn't have imagined doing and meeting so many new people and gaining great skills. It's helped open so many doors for the future" - Natasha G, Miss Tees Valley 2016 Finalist


"I've absolutely loved taking part in Miss Tees Valley 2016. I've gained so much confidence and friends so would recommend it to any girl in the region. Everyone's been so lovely to me and made me feel comfortable. I've loved fundraising as it's very rewarding and I am very thankful I've had this opportunity." - Amber L, Miss Tees Valley 2016 Finalist


"The experience so far has been overwhelming, what an amazing opportunity. I am so grateful to be given the chance to be in the competition - I have made friends for life, raised money for an amazing charity and mostly, the confidence I've gained." - Dem C, Miss Tees Valley 2016 Finalist


“ I never thought I would get such an amazing opportunity with such amazing people! It will be an experience I will never forget. A massive thank you to Alexandra & Pauline for helping create these special memories “ - Megan D, Miss Tees Valley 2018 Finalist


"My time in Miss Tees Valley has been a life changing experience, I've learned things during the experience that will change my life forever and I've made amazing friends. I would like to thank the Miss Tees Valley organisation for all of their help and support. There's nothing I love more than supporting local charities and making a positive impact on our society!" - Abbie W, Miss Tees Valley 2016 Finalist


"I have had one of the best experiences of my life being involved in Miss Tees Valley. It's an amazing opportunity!" - Naomi H, Miss Tees Valley 2015 Finalist


“I'm enjoying this experience so far. I've met a bunch of lovely girls throughout it and I can't wait to see what the future brings for us all. I really feel like we're a huge family already." - Lauren P, Miss Tees Valley 2014 Finalist


Miss tees valley has been an amazing experience, I've met some of the most amazing girls who have helped support me through this journey! Most of all I'd like to thank Alexandra for letting me take part in this unbelievable opportunity! - Chelsea B, Miss Tees Valley 2017 Finalist


"I am overwhelmed by the experience so far. Miss Tees Valley has given me amazing opportunities. I have never been part of something like this before and I am loving every minute of it!" - Rachael G, Miss Tees Valley 2015 Finalist


"Miss Tees Valley opens up so many amazing opportunities for everyone taking part!' - Katie L, Miss Tees Valley 2015 Finalist


"I was in shock when my name was announced and I couldn’t stop shaking, every time I wake up I still can’t believe it. I feel as though I’ve gotten married. Everybody has been texting me and everybody has been so supportive.” - Ailish Shaw, Miss Tees Valley 2014 Winner








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