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Miss Tees Valley 2017, Mollie Kell takes on the Alps Trek Challenge

By Miss Tees Valley Org, Jun 26 2018 09:37AM

On the morning of June 13th 2017, Miss Tees Valley 2017, Mollie Kell arrived at Manchester Airport to start the trip of a lifetime.....

After winning the Miss Catwalk for a Cause award at the 2017 Live Grand Final in September for raising over £3,700 for Zoes Place Baby Hospice, Middlesbrough and also going on to win the overall Miss Tees Valley 2017 title, Mollie was offered the chance to take on the 3 day Alps Trek Challenge in aid of Zoes Place!!

Mollie arrived in Chamonix, France late afternoon on the 13th June, where she met the trekking team for the first time. Mollie would be joined on the challenge by 3 guides and 18 other fundraisers. During the briefing for the next 3 days the team were told how the conditions up the mountain would be more extreme than normal at this time of year, due to a heavy snow fall later than normal in the season! The whole team were in great spirits though and went onto the enjoy a fantastic BBQ organised by the hotel.

Day 1: Due to a road closure due to the poor conditions up the mountain, the team were tasked with starting the trek with an extra 4km of walking to get to the normal starting point. Despite there being a lot of snow on the ground, the weather was incredible, not a cloud in the sky and the perfect temperature for hiking! The guide explained how people come to the alps for weeks on end and dont get as perfect weather! Due to the heavy snow, Moliie and the team had to cross huge patches of snow on the slippery slopes, local guide and mountaineer Alan was on hand with his ice pick to carve out safe paths! In total today Mollie walked over 22km and climbed 1100 metres during the 10 hour hike crossing the French, Swiss and Italien boarders!! Tonights accomodation would be in a tiny village in the Swiss Alps. Mollie and the trekkers stayed in "bunk rooms" which was incredible fun!

Day 2: Everyone was feeling tired this morning after the big trek yesterday! Todays hike would be 18km, mainly flat along the valley with a 500m climb at the very end to get to Champex, the village Mollie and the team would be staying in that evening. During the hike along the valley the team were very lucky to see some mountain deer running on the rocky slopes and pass through some traditional Swiss Mountain Villages! On arrival at the stunning Hotel Splendide, the trekking team were treated with increidble views from their rooms' balconies and a fabulous 3 course dinner!

Day 3: The final day of the challenge would be another difficult day of climbing, 20km in total and 1000m climbed! Todays challenges also included crossing rocky and fast flowing rivers. At the end of the challenge on return to Chamonix the team enjoyed a fantastic celebration dinner and medals were awarded!

The next day, the team had time to explore stunning Chamonix and then say their goodbyes as they headed back to the airport in the afternoon! Since winnng the Miss Tees Valley title Mollie continued her inspirational fundraising efforts raising another £1,500 for Zoes Place, bringing her individual fundraising total since starting her Miss Tees Valley journey to over £5,000!! WOW!!

WATCH a short documentary of Mollie's time in the alps here:

The Alps Trek challenge takes place twice every year, if you're interested in this incredible journey, please contact Rachael Willmore at Zoes Place Baby Hospice for more information!!

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